Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cleaner Eating and Pudge

The running and clean(er) eating are going well, I’m very happy to say.

No, I haven’t lost any weight which I have to say is a bummer, but I also wasn’t tracking my calories and I know after doing this for a long time that the only way I can lose weight is be honest with myself by tracking my calories. This cleaner way of eating has been a great change. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still eating things that contain ingredients that I don’t recognize but I believe in baby steps with some things and food is one of them. The drastic stuff doesn’t work for me. I feel better and have a feeling that besides my run streak that this better eating thing has really helped my running.

Speaking of running, I did a 5k in Maine on 7/6 and beat my PR by 2 min! Pretty awesome, right?! I came in at 38:42 and this included a few walk breaks which I always do but had a feeling this time I wasn’t going to need any because I was feeling so good. That was until I got near the ocean and all I could smell was seaweed and fish. I usually don’t mind that smell but it didn’t hit me so well during the run. I felt nauseous so I walked but I persevered and did great!

The whole eating and weight thing is still something that will always need to be addressed and I HAVE to lose some weight before I start marathon training the 2nd week of September. I just can’t go into it with all this extra baggage or as I have nicknamed it, “pudge.” I know it’s not reasonable to think I’ll lose the last 27 or so pounds in 2 months but I’d like to put a dent in it. Well, I’m definitely on my way. I started tracking my food in MyFitnessPal again yesterday, including upping my calories (I don’t think I was eating enough after reading all sorts of stuff) so I know that will do the trick.

Next up on the agenda of my life is some upcoming traveling including the in-laws this coming weekend and NYC the following weekend to see The Screaming Orphans (the Irish band we followed in Ireland this past November) perform at a party. After that, we are going to Maine again in September for a few days.

Here’s to a happy, healthy summer!

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