Tuesday, January 27, 2015

10k Recap and Other Stuff

I wanted to post something about my interesting 10k on 1/10 and I’m finally getting the chance.

It took place in Central Park in New York City. I was looking forward to running it for weeks and then as the day got closer, I found myself almost dreading it because of how cold I heard it was going to be. Yup, cold as hell in my opinion. It was 15 degrees with a windchill making it feel like 2 degrees. So no, I wasn’t looking forward to it but I knew when I got up that morning in our hotel room that I would regret not running it in a major way if I backed out. I’m not sure why but I just had this feeling that I would’ve looked back on it and been very upset about it.

Besides the cold it was a beautiful, sunny morning. The race was sold out and there was somewhere around 4500 runners there. I think that’s amazing considering the conditions including the frostbite warnings. Runners are an unbelievably resilient group.

I was dressed well for the conditions, even wearing a balaclava or face/head mask kind of thing which I’m VERY happy I did. I went along with the group, running most of it and walking up the hills. It was very emotional for me in some places because New York City holds a special place in my heart and since losing my mom last year, I was thinking about her as well. I got through it though and even though I had never done a 10k, I was hoping for a time of 1:20-1:30. I finished in 1:23 which I’m very happy about.

I’m going to be doing another 10k in Central Park at the end of March. It’s the NYRR Spring 10k Meltdown. I joined NYRR since I’ve already run two of their races. It’s kind of funny that I did that considering I live almost 200 miles away from New York City but I love going down there and joining their club made my registration for the upcoming 10k only $10 which is pretty cool!

So, about my New Year’s resolutions, I’m still trying to get my act together with losing weight. I just have to cut back on the bread. I love bread. Bread is just my comfort food. Oh well, I’m working on it slowly but surely. I still need to sign up for school for the summer session and as for the marathon, I need to think about that.

I’ll keep you posted!

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