Thursday, February 20, 2014

Enjoying Life and Training

Things are going very well. I’m in my 2nd week of training and I decided 2 days ago to change from Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Half Marathon training to the Intermediate one. The intermediate one is more varied and includes strength training, stretching and speed work which are all things I was going to be adding anyway, I guess I just need to be told what to do. LOL!

I’ve had tons of energy this week to boot. I don’t remember ever having this much energy. I keep trying remember if there was a time, thinking maybe it was when I got down to my lowest weight after my gastric bypass surgery which was 20 lbs less than I am now a couple years ago but no, that wasn’t it. I really think this is probably the best I’ve ever felt which at 42 is really nice. It’s challenging for me because as I’ve said, I’ve always had weight issues and now I’m trying (again) to lose weight while training for another race. I realize this may not be the ideal situation, but for me, for now it’s the best choice because while I’m training I take care of myself much better than I usually do. I’m hoping that someday this will “stick” and I’ll always take this good care of myself even when I’m not training but for now, this is it. My goal is to lose between 30-50 more lbs. I know that losing all of that excess weight will only help my running and that’s all I care about now. It used to always be about my size and how others perceived me but not so much anymore. Ok, I still have those self-conscious days just like everyone else but things have changed. Running does that. Plus, my running is getting better and better!

I’ve run many more times since my last post and it’s interesting how everyday is so different. I guess that’s the same as in all aspects of life. Some days my runs are hard, some days easier. I know I just need to stick with it no matter what and I can’t wait!

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