Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lesson Learned

Training and losing weight are going well. I’m in my 2nd official week of training (by “official” I mean I started another training program and then switched to a new one so I’m really in the 2nd week of the new one) and there’s only been one rough day/evening/night. This is the point where taking care of myself really hit me and how important it is.

This happened this past Sunday. I had done my longest run since Sept on Saturday which was 5 miles and then Sunday was 3 miles. Before the 3-mile run on Sunday I had a waffle and juice. It wasn’t much but it was enough since I was going out for breakfast after the run which would be my normal breakfast at my favorite diner of 1 poached egg, 1 or 2 slices of rye toast and 2 slices of bacon. So yes, breakfast was good and I felt fine.

Then I got home after breakfast and did all the cooking I planned on doing which I knew would take most of the rest of the afternoon. During this time, I had a few of the cookies I made which isn’t big deal but I didn’t have any protein. Not only is protein important for training but it’s extremely important as a gastric bypass patient.

The evening came and between the long run Sat, the shorter one earlier that day and then spending the rest of the afternoon standing and not eating protein, I was one sore lady. I was sore to the point of it hurting to walk and having trouble sleeping that night.

On Monday morning I started eating protein like I normally do and started to feel much better for my evening run.

Lesson learned. Eat the right amount of protein and don’t stand for hours after multiple runs and you will feel much better.

Besides the training going well, I’ve also lost 9 lbs which I’m very happy about. I’ve got around 30 more to hit goal and I’m looking forward to getting there. The combination of the training and losing weight is challenging but as long as I log everything in myfitnesspal, it keeps me accountable and aware of what I’m eating.


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