Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Hope

The June run streak for suicide awareness is still going strong. Today will be day 11. I also started weight training last week. I will be starting the core work soon.

One of the great things about the weight training has been my husband going with me. We root each other on while on each machine. It’s been a great experience so far. We are doing 3 machines for legs and 3 machines for arms together and then on days he doesn’t going with me, I do 6 other machines on my own. He really likes that this hasn’t been stressful to get into. He puts a lot of pressure on himself and this has been a no-pressure situation so far.

We are also both eating better and I’ve dropped 3 lbs already. I usually drop it quick the first week or 2 but it will even out. 27 lbs to go till my goal. I’ve never been this close in my life to my goal weight. Yippee!

I’ve also decided I’ll be doing the full marathon instead of the half for RNR New Orleans in January. I just need to pay the $20 upgrade fee and I’m in. I’m hesitant, nervous and excited but I think the way my life and health have been going, it’s time to take another chance.

What I mean by “how my life and health have been going” is just that things have become so uncertain with my job lately. We are waiting for the next round of layoffs which should come in the next week or 2. With this in mind, it just reminds me how life is uncertain and short and how I want to make the most of it. On the flip side, my health has been great. I’ve been eating better, like I said, the weight is coming off and this run streak and weight training have me in a positive mind set. I’m not sore at all from either thing and that makes me happy.

With my job being up in the air, hubby and I are making future plans that we are getting excited about. We both very much want to travel around the country and depending on what happens at my job, we might be able to do it next year. I’m very excited thinking about it!


Happy running, walking and smiling!

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