Monday, March 3, 2014

The Importance of Rest and Some Other Stuff

Yup, rest is important. I’m slowly but surely realizing that. In my world I spend a lot of time over-analyzing things. I’ve always been like that. I’ve actually gotten much better but I’m a work-in-progress and have a ways to go.

So with the whole over-analyzing thing, I don’t always see the obvious like the fact that sometimes we just need a break. It can be from life in general, from running, from your family, anything but it’s OK TO TAKE A BREAK!

It really is ok to take a break. We all need one. We get so super-saturated with everything in this day and age that our bodies and minds need the time off. I took this past Saturday off from the world. I slept insanely late, didn’t shower, didn’t do much of anything but I did make soup. Yummy chicken noodle soup. It was a good day. Yeah, I felt a little guilty taking it off since it was supposed to be a run day (the end of my 2nd week of half training) but I can make that up because it’s only one day. I just get a little hard on myself sometimes. That’s another thing I’m working on.

I did my long run yesterday (6 miles) and it went great. I learned from last week’s protein debacle to actually eat a lot of it and I drank coconut water and used a heating pad when I got home and today I feel great.

The other thing I’m going to start working on more is my self-image. I started reading this blog called Dirt Diva this weekend and this chick Catra is amazing! That’s the only way I can really describe her. She races it seems almost every weekend and doesn’t do 5K’s, nope, not this girl, her favorite races are 100 miles. Yeah, 100 MILES! Isn’t that amazing? So while reading this blog I just got drawn into her style, spirit, outlook and all sorts of other things that make her a really cool person. She isn’t afraid to put herself out there. She dresses how she wants and has awesome tattoos to boot. I just really found myself envying her. I want to be that type of person who just puts herself out there and does what she wants and dresses how she wants. So yes, this is something I’m going to start working on more. Being my own person and feeling strong both mentally and physically at the same time. Like I said before, I’m a work-in-progress, I like to think we all are and being the best I can be is a goal that I need to focus on more.

Do you take needed breaks?

What is your fitness goal either short or long-term?

Do you feel you are a work-in-progress?

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