Monday, April 7, 2014

An Amazing Run!

It was an beautiful Spring day. It was an amazing 8-mile run.

What a way to start a post, right?

Seriously though, (ok, kind of) yesterday’s run was one of those rare ones. The last couple of weeks have been challenging for me. Between not feeling well 2 weeks ago (for the whole week) and then not wanting to run much at all last week, yesterday made up for all of it.

I just kept an even pace and didn’t need to stop to walk as much as I usually do. I’m averaging around a 12-13 min/mile pace when I run but then you add the walking in and it’s around 13:53. That’s pretty amazing considering the treadmill is always over 15 min/mile. It just goes to show you that you really do have more control when you are running outside which sounds a little odd but really makes sense when you think about how the treadmill just keeps you at an even, boring pace all the time.

With the whole not feeling well 2 weeks ago, that started my not eating too well again. I started eating more bread which is my biggest downfall. I’m starting to cut that back. I know a big part of my being able to run more comfortably and better is going to be losing weight. I’m getting back on track with it because especially during yesterday’s great run, I know it could’ve been better if I wasn’t carrying around an extra at least 30 lbs.

So, that’s my goal for this week. To start getting better with the eating again and make sure I track everything through MyFitnessPal.

Another thing about my run yesterday is how it’s amazing what a different perspective it put on things after I was done. I’m now really looking forward to Brooklyn next month and thinking about setting up a plan for the 3 months between Brooklyn and September when I’ll start training for the New Orleans race in January.

I will be introducing weight training and cross training during that time so I’ll be looking for a kind of between races kind of thing and then carry the weight training and cross training into the September training.

Exciting stuff! Well, here’s to getting through another Monday!

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