Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Feeling Better, Perfect Running Weather and A Confession

                                                     I love this weather!

Last week's feeling crappy has finally passed. Thank God! Enough was enough.

I played a half day of hooky today to get out and run. It's been a long, hard winter here in Upstate NY and once I heard it was going to be in the 50's and sunny, that's all it took. I worked for 4 hours, came home, changed and put 4 miles in the books.

Unfortunately I'm now a week behind on my training but I'll make the best of it and do what I can do. As of today I've decided I'm going to do a much better job of focusing on the positive than on the negative. If negative thoughts start creeping up like what I'm not doing or what I haven't done, I'm going to stop and ask myself about the things I HAVE done and what I plan to do. There's no reason to be negative. I've come amazingly far in my strides of becoming healthier over the past 3 years and I need to remember these things anytime the negative stuff starts popping up in this head of mine. I'm going to type them out to show you and this will help me also be able go back and look at the list.

1. I've lost 117 lbs over the past 3 years. I am working on losing 20-30 more.
3. I'm working on eating healthy and mainly eating things with ingredients I recognize as whole and not processed and/or chemicals.
4. I've run many 5k's and 2 half marathons. I'm training for my 3rd half now. Oh yeah, it's in Brooklyn baby!
5. I registered for the New Orleans Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon in January 2015 but I'm going to train for the full. If I feel comfortable, I have until the end of Nov to upgrade to the full.

New Orleans + My First Full. Now that rocks! But hey, I'm going to do it if I'm ready. If I'm not, I'm going to rock the half. ;)

How's that for positivity?!

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